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Live 404 / G​.​002

by Melvyn

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Would you wake up Just give me your lips No one could say how much but i know you Yes i know you Sometimes it’s hard to say This time i’m crawling Using my tears to erase that fucking storyboard In fact you’re cruel I know you’ll crawled Oh I’m worried It’s enough for you You put in the garbage too Being something by your side, and I should have no way We’ve got everything for this sunny tale It’s alright As I said You’re wrong But I’m ok, all the time, when I’m away And it’s ok, all the time, ‘cause I’m away I’m far from you And that’s all You’re Coming to the other side with me Show me your world It’s alright As I said You’re wrong But that’s ok, all the time, when I’m away And I’m ok, all the time, when I’m away from you, And when I was sinking by your side, I am ok? But I’m ok, all the time, when I am away Far from you That’s all In fact you know You’re just a poisoned apple for me And you’re so, so alone, so alone You’re just a poisoned apple for me
It’s seems so long But I can’t recall the past It’s like a rainy day Different shades of blue And I just need to erase those pictures of you And I never thought that you’d’ve wanted me to... Days are gone now But I can’t recall that past Every child needs a father, me too So I just turn off the light and see myself with you It’s like a tasty glass of wine with a fly into I need to erase those pictures of you And I’ve never thought that you would have wanted me to So all we said and done It’s just a stupid song Erase those pictures of me And I never thought that you’d’ve wanted me to...
Darling 01:42
Oh... I’m waiting alone and I’m waiting by the elevator Now for sure I’m, I’m waiting for too long, but I’ll Be ready for another try My darling I will wait.. My darling I will try I’m searching for a better place to live Sometimes I’m better For sure I will Who am I inside? But I wait To wait My darling I will tried To waste my time in a useless story Can I try? My darling I want to spend my life with you
I get away… Am I dreaming? I’ve got nowhere to go I didn’t see anything Should I worry? Anyway! Cause when I’m by your side it gnaws my energy Where am I? Am I on the edge of a Pavlov’s gulf? Am I on the edge? In fact you really have to close your bags No tears and no regrets Then I’ll get away... This time I give up, please shut up, just leave me on my fucking way Tonight I will move away But I’m sorry baby, you really have to close your bags This smile, I will get away It’s not easy.. When it’s enough And I’ve tried everything Losing my self-control Losing my interests Cause there’s nothing to say Better than a medicine I just have to get away
Even if 04:49
Even if it’s summer, I feel cold.. I’m watching my chains and I will put out my sword I don’t wanna spend my life All alone That’s why I’m saying what he’s ready to be now, and I’m inside Oh every humans want to do and get it right Well, even if? You will have to pay for your body Smashing the bills Now, we’re driving together And this time, I watch your pain You will have to pay for your body I watch and disturb, I’m watching my pain as it used to be.. No one would paint my life these days There’s no time to lose self-esteem I was the wolf that you will take care of Wherever I will go Is that a way that I used to know When I was young? I know you pay for what we’ve done I know we’ll pay for what we’ve done Sometimes there’s pain in me, yeah, When I was young.. I see it Tonight I scream Come on, come on, bring me the way No one will build a life this way There’s no time to reach, and you wanna be ill Sometimes I live my life for you It’s enough for you Is this enough to be killed? Sometimes there’s pain in me, yeah, When I was young... When I was young?
Red 02:36
We’ve got everything.. Wrong Lie’s eyes, don’t worry Don’t worry about me We’ve got everything So much lies in it Doors are closed In our city, home sweet world Lie’s eyes Don’t worry Just run away And I’m I’m watching my suicide It’s such a painful experience When you cry My song’s called red Will it make me strong to leave everything When I saw red But I didn’t know this sound, from the living dead Look around, over this shoulder There’s a house, in front of the sea Your happiness will be there, so far away from me From me Just run away from me This song’s called red And I never feel this pain, until you’re dead And I wonder every night, I will clean your grave Come on bring me down, on your silly dream


Formé un jour de pluie de 2014, ils
pratiquent le rock du cœur, celui qui tape, celui
qui rappe et te secoue en maintenant ton sourire jusqu’aux oreilles. Navigant entre Skate Punk, emo et folk rock,
leur musique est chargée de nostalgie, de fureur de vivre.


released January 12, 2020

Etienne: Drums
Igor: Guitar, Lead vocals
Julien: Bass, Backing vocals
Melanie: Guitar

Tech / Recording:
Morgan di Benedetto, La main noire, Metz, FR
Bertrand Mahou, Chateau 404, Metz, FR

Date and venue:
may 22th 2019, Chateau 404, Metz, FR

Etienne’s Melvyn’s home studio, Metz, FR
La Main Noire, Metz FR

Gargouille Asso, Troyes, FR
Chanmax Records, Paris, FR


all rights reserved



Gargouille Asso Troyes, France

Label DIY formé à Troyes en 2019.

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